Everyone Here Truly Lives

Tan 1407A1 Global Volunteers visited by kindergaten pupils at the mission house.We began the day in the absence of our esteemed team leader, Edward, who was taking care of business in Iringa. Lisa took the liberty of orchestrating a morning meeting, where Maya presented a powerful message of the day. We sat a little heavy-hearted as this would be our last large 18-person breakfast. The public health team (minus Toni) quickly scurried to the Roman Catholic Clinic where we saw many patients. Jacob audited the work at the clinic and was amazed by much of the health disparities he witnessed. Little Sam, our burn victim, seems to be improving. It is astounding to work with a four-year-old child who is stronger than many adults I know and who is enduring such pain. I know I will hold his story close to my heart always. As we moved on to teach the RMAs, the construction crew continued to work hard at nearly completing the bathroom at the primary school. Liz went to take a look at the progress. In the afternoon, Sean, Lisa, Adrienne, Liz, Jacob, and I went to what we thought would be a debate turned into an oral grammar exam between Forms I-V, which was very entertaining. At 1:30, we met for an emotional and bittersweet lunch where we exchanged words of wisdom between those leaving and those staying. We have built such beautiful friendships in this house and in this community. We are all so different yet connected by our passion to help others. As Liz said, everyone here truly lives. We wished our friends a safe journey, and as Edward said, we will try our best to fill the gap we feel in the house.

In the afternoon, Mimi and Angie went on a long walk and visited many homes; they were even sent back with gifts of eggs and baskets. Just more gestures of heartwarming gestures of this community’s hospitality. Catherine G. had a wonderful teaching day and plans to do a lesson on following directions by having the children make fortune tellers. Sean and Grace helped out in the classroom. Nicole and Mimi also had fun at the orphanage working and dancing with the girls. Many of us gathered outside the house before dinner and enjoyed company of the local kids. Mimi and I attempted to chase the beautiful African sunset before it left. Then everyone gathered for dinner, feeling some emptiness in the room. We ended the night with our now ritual game of werewolves – thank you, Jacob and Liz. We slept in peace, minus the wind howling in the night.

We are all looking forward to the wedding this weekend, further immersing ourselves in the culture here, and learning more about each other and ourselves.

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