Excitement Was High at the Science Fair!

Team Journal Entry for Wednesday, June 10th when volunteers were invited to participate in the science fair at Colegio: 

We awoke to sunshine and another filling breakfast of coffee, juice, fresh fruit, eggs, pancakes, and corn cakes prepared by Tatiana. Afterward, we walked over to the Colegio for a special day at the student exposition held in the gym. The exposition had three categories of student projects: science, engineering, and Expo Jovem – which is designed to show a way to improve on a product or to create a new product. We practiced with the students who wanted to present their year-long project to us (this would be part of how they were judged). It too, served to help us with our Spanish and help them with their English. The projects were very interesting, For example, we learned about the Tesla Coil, the nuclear reactor explosion in Ukraine, a new electronic game to teach the periodic table, an emergency lighting system made of recycled materials, and how chia seeds are grown and used.

The principal then opened the exposition with the Costa Rican national anthem and a school song, followed by encouraging words to the students. Then we checked out a few of the student projects. Little did we know that our most difficult work so far was about to begin! Maggie said we had been asked to judge 20 of the student projects. We then split into two teams led by our best translators, Maggie and Megan. We listened to the student presentations now as judges with scoresheets. Our projects included food and beverage ideas, as well as technical and engineering projects. We were amazed and awed by the students’ creative projects – making judging that much more difficult. Nonetheless, we completed our evaluation forms and submitted them along with the other judges.


As a cool drizzling rain fell throughout the day, we considered ourselves fortunate to be inside the gym. At lunch we walked the short distance to town to have a delicious Costa Rican hot chicken meal. Mid-afternoon, while the scorers analyzed the judges evaluation forms, we helped return desks and chairs to classrooms up the hill, and sweep the gym floor. The students as well as our team waited with great anticipation for the winners to be announced. Excitement was high among the students as awards were presented – hearing a chorus of shouts and applause from them as each winning project was announced. We were pleased to see some of our expected winners accept their awards. All in all, it was another great day at Colegio!

Entry submitted by: Tom

Message of the Day – Maya: “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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