Expectations for the Next Three Weeks

“You say tomato, I say ‘nyanya’”
[American Song Book]

Our first morning in Pommern, Edward led us in morning meeting to set goals and discuss our expectations for the next three weeks. Being that we three volunteers are all from the same family, it didn’t take too much time to get to know one another.

Edward then took us on a tour of the schools – first the secondary school, where we met with the faculty, who all greeted us in well spoken English, followed by visits to, among other places, the computer lab, chemistry lab, library and kitchen, where various needs were apparent. We then toured the primary school where we met the ‘big potato’ of the school, Engera Mgeni, who just happens to be Edward’s wife.

Edward then showed us his very charming house before we ate another delicious meal by Mama Toni – a potato frittata and fruit salad of papaya, pineapple and banana. Right after lunch Edward to Spencer took the health clinic for a quick photo shoot under a mosquito net.

The afternoon consisted of a walking tour of the town with Mohamed. We were surprised by the Pommerini children shouting ‘ciao, ciao” at us, which they picked up from the Italian volunteers at the Roman Catholic Church. Mohamed gave us a much needed Kiswahili language lesson including some greetings in the local HeHe language. The day ended with Spencer joining in the local soccer game and another great Mama Toni meal. Usiku Mwema!

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