Extra Dose of Camaraderie and Laughter

Team Journal Entry for Tuesday, August 11 

Our second day at the work site was full of hard work and pleasant surprises.

In the morning, after meeting a new group of ecotourism students, we set out to clear the future vegetable garden from some very thick and stubborn grasses. It was an all-hands-on-deck kind of job and one that made us all glad that we have been fed so well at the Mar Inn where we are staying.40

Midmorning, we got our first surprise of the day – a local school was bringing their soccer players for a match with Colegio’s soccer team! Unfortunately, neither the girl nor boy Santa Elena teams won their matches, but it was a real treat to see how friendly the teams were with each other and also that the Colegio teams were wearing uniforms donated by an earlier Global Volunteers team.

After a wonderful fajita lunch, it was back to the gardens with a variety of projects. Some of us headed to the woods to hunt for some plants for a new garden that was filled with soil just yesterday. Others cleared some plant beds up on the hillside for some coriander plants. Others helped the English students refine their tour-giving skills. And Jack and Ray took one for the team and continued to tackle the ruthless vegetable field.3

And in another surprise, Jeremie got to talk shop with the Food and Drink students – which was extra special for all involved!

After we put away the shovels for the day, some of the group visited town to do a little shopping and others took in a local coffee, chocolate, and sugarcane tour. And all I have to say about that is if you have never tried fresh sugar cane juice with fresh squeezed mandarin lime juice, you’d better get on that.

The day ended where it started, with dinner as a team. It felt that although we’d been polite and friendly with each other since meeting several days ago, tonight’s meal came with an extra dose of camaraderie, laughter, and inside jokes. Guess that’s what eventually happens when you spend this much time sweating with a group of people.

All in all, another very full and blessed day in Costa Rica. Pura Vida indeed.

Entry submitted by: Pam





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