In representing the Global Volunteers at Casa Club Closing Ceremony, this poem was written to express appreciation and gratitude to the wonderful people of Cañitas


It is a rare occasion when I can speak for one group to another

But in the last two weeks
you have touched us, our hearts
with the different faces of Cañitas

the smiles in your eyes when we met
the smiles of the girls and boys who had helped us
the seasonal rain
the sound of the very high wind

A trail that journeys through farmland
that goes
to the top
of the mountain

Blue morphos
A precious view

The food has different faces as well
roasted coffee
rice, beans, eggs with salsa
pancakes with honey
aracache appetizers
empanadas with cheese
Salsa Lizano
Imperial beer

Varied faces
like the colors of the rainbow
one can see almost every day

We will remember the last two weeks
working together
playing soccer with the children
learning how to cook Costa Rican food

We hope the people of Cañitas will enjoy
Casa Club
with new paint
of colors orange, red-brown, and yellow

A mirror
of the rich land and pure water

Many Thanks to Everyone for their hospitality and generosity

We could say we have lived

–Emeline Contreras-Forrest
Global Volunteer, Costa Rica, Dec 2009 – Jan 2010

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