Jocelyn with some of the daycare children

Jocelyn and Will Challas wanted to spend their children’s summer vacation experiencing something meaningful together rather than the traditional family cruise, so the two decided to embark on a journey of a lifetime with their three young daughters (aged seven, ten, and thirteen) to serve and lend a hand in Ecuador.


Will and Abby painting tables with the tías

For two weeks, they spent their time offering love and care to economically impoverished families at a daycare center for 60 children in Calderón. Jocelyn, Will, and their daughters – Abby, Chloe, and Ellie – became caregivers for the children, helping them eat,  reading them stories, and assisting the tías (the daycare center staff) with classroom activities. In addition, Will helped with some much-needed maintenance in the daycare center, and Jocelyn taught conversational English in the afternoon to the tías. Maggie, our Ecuador Country Manager, described the Challas family as “wonderful volunteers whose work was so appreciated by the tías!”

Will and I value service and wanted to share that with our children in a meaningful way while giving them an important international perspective. Serving in Calderón was such an amazing opportunity for our family to grow together. We truly bonded with the children we served, despite our cultural and language differences. Kindness and compassion is universal! The “tías” we worked alongside were so wonderful and welcoming, and will surely be our lifelong friends.

Jocelyn Challas

Here are some photos of the Challas family while serving in Ecuador! Click on each photo to view the larger version and to read a description:

Our partners warmly welcome help in Calderón from families, groups, individuals, or couples. Click here to learn how you can become a Global Volunteer in Ecuador.

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