“Few people travel the road to success without a puncture or two.”

After breakfast we departed on the “Interstate” to San Rafael. Alex, the District Rep and Nicolas our translating Peace Corp Volunteer explained the Buerocracy and the jobs to be done.We climbed to the work site and inexplicably the team leader rode up. Also, inexplicably everyone wanted to dig ditches. Simone and I and our Tica partner Carmen washed mildew off a wall and put it on ourselves with a hose that resembled an IV tube. Lunch was a rice dish, glan and 100 proof coffee.We began round 2 of fence washing and digging until Dick disconnected the water supply with his shove. Go Dick!Don went around town on a loudspeaker to drum up business for our impromptu language classes.

“Alls well that ends well”

– Jean

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