Final Days of our Vietnam Volunteer Vacation

Thought for the day: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” ~Carol Sobieski and Thomas Meehan, Annie

It’s hard to believe that our time in Hanoi is rapidly coming to a close! We had our last class with the older group today and managed to cover a lot of ground. Several of us even learned the correct spelling of “rhinoceros,” though the group that came up with it was not rewarded in Mr. Long’s strict spelling bee. The theme for the day was animals and we quickly discovered that today’s group was copying yesterday’s vocab. list; I don’t think it’s a coincidence that “water-python” and “pearl” came up among both groups. But I suppose that the fact that they’re comparing notes outside of class can be considered a good thing. Team competition also continues to elicit an enthusiastic response and the students’ voracious search for new English words is fun to watch!

Another of many wonderful lunches from Ms. Tam: corn, chicken and mushroom soup; chicken, broccoli and cauliflower with ginger; Warren’s favorite fried spring rolls; and “soya cake” with tomato sauce, topped off with some kind of melon that tasted like a cross between cantaloupe and honeydew. We also got a short, but very interesting political lesson from Mr. Long.
After coffee and a final (and very efficient) lesson planning session in the Chica restaurant, the team separated to wrap up various shopping trips, etc. Ruth and I finally visited the Dong Xuan market, but were disappointed to find that most of the vendors were very eager to rip us off. Patrice revealed at dinner that she had a very productive encounter with our American professor friend at the hotel, who might have set her up with a teaching job for the next year!! Hope she won’t mind visitors!!
We enjoyed another fabulous dinner at the Green Tangerine. Overall a great second-to-last day for the team!
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