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Pciture: Artisan Gallery @ CASEM

Wednesday August 18th
Journal by Andy

Today was our second to last day at CASEM. The weather was pleasant up until the usual rainy afternoon and we got plenty of work done outside. Faustino was showing my mother how to attach the seats to the chairs and I was mostly using the power sander to smooth out the tabletops. Even with a mask, it has to be done in fairly short increments so that I don´t completely coat my lungs with sawdust.

Lunch was cannoli things whose name I believe was close to cannoli (cannelloni) and they were quite good. The food has been excellent since we`ve been here but I will probably need a break from rice and beans when I get back to the States. I picked out regalos for the rest of the people I needed gifts for and we cut the day short because the ladies were hitting the ziplines.

Tomorrow is the last day at the CoOp, and while I am ready to return, it will be incredibly sad to have to leave CASEM and all the amazing people I’ve met while I’ve been here. I genuinely hope to return one day and eat at the finished diner on one of Faustino’s fine chairs, and off of a table top that offers me the taste of the local cuisine, rather than sawdust.

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