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First Day at the Reservation

Ben's Lighthouse Group Photo

A journal by Sarah, a Montana Global Volunteer. Sarah was part of the Ben’s Lighthouse Group.  

We woke up and had peanut butter for breakfast. Rick led a nice activity in which we said what lighthouses meant to us and what they symbolized. We drove to Browning and saw some happy cows in tall grass. We met Pastor Hill and Kamdynn almost fell out of her chair into the popcorn machine behind her. Brielle and I had to pull her back up by her arms before she hit the ground. After a while we went to the pastor’s ranch and tried elk jerky on the way there.  We lifted logs at the Ranch, they were super heavy but somehow it was fun. We built a fence and it was the toughest work so far.  It was HOT at the ranch. There were horses and super cute dogs and animals. The pastor had two corgis! One would chill in the bathroom. There was also a huge horse on the ranch named Thor.

The ranch

We ate lunch in a teepee. I had salad, celery with peanut butter, and princess Goldfish. I was super tired by the end and covered in dirt and scrapes.  We got back to Heart Butte and saw people riding along on horses. A little boy named Seth came in off his horse for a cup of water. I got in contact with my friends and family through FaceTime, there’s still no service here. The cook left to bring her daughter to the doctor’s, and Jackson took over the Tilapia dinner. The chaperones are debating about letting us sleep overnight in the Pastor’s teepees.

Native family bonds are very strong and they rarely fight. Pastor Hill told his story and it was eye opening, unbelievable and extremely intriguing. Learn to Let Go was an overlaying theme throughout his story, and a theme we all needed to remember throughout our trip and our lives. I noticed that Marti and her kids could communicate through sign language. I would like to know more about this.

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