Our First Day at the Daycare Center

Children in Calderón 1

Team Journal Entry for Monday, February 15

I am ready for an exciting new adventure! After breakfast with Maggie where we hChild napping in Ecuadorad a message for the day about why we are here, Pilar picked us up to take us to school. She is another very nice lady who is from FUNDAC working with Global Volunteers in transportation.  She and Maggie seem to be very good friends. We arrived at school at 8:30. Maggie introduced me to all the tías and showed me all the classrooms and the rest of the facilities. Tía Alexandra was my tía for the day with a classroom of 11 children, most of them three years old.  Tía Alexandra sang songs with her kids and did a choo-choo train. She also put names tags on the children to make it easier for me to remember them. I then sang and taught them the song “Hola, ¿cómo están?” from Dora the Explorer TV program. We then sang it several times. They seemed to like doing that.

We then went to the bathroom and washed their hands before having their fruit snack. We then brushed their teeth, and went outside on the patio where the children just played with the balls, a little play house, a slide, and other things out there. We came back in and we went to the bathroom and washed our hands again. After this we went back into the classroom and played with the puzzles and other toys until it was time for lunch at 12:00. We washed our hands again and then sat at the tables with our own group where I helped them eat their main course, their soup, and then their juice. They eat everything! After lunch, they again go to the bathroom and wash their hands before going for their nap. They all know exactly what to do. They sleep with their group six or seven on one mattress. It is just amazing!!! They all seem to go right to sleep.

Children in Calderón 1

We then went to a wonderful little place for lunch where she takes the volunteers every day.  The food was delicious, and again, the lady who owns the restaurant is very nice and seems to like ECU1602A1 - Bluma Schechter with child 1Maggie a lot.

After our lunch, the kids wake up from their naps, go back to their classrooms, and just do quick activities like face wiping, hair combing, getting all their clothes together, and getting ready for their parents to pick them up at 3:30.

Observations: Tía Alexander is very energetic, and it is amazing that she can teach all these kids who have such a short attention span, and still be so patient and good with them. I believe that all the tías are all pretty amazing from what I have observed today.

The school is very clean, and the children are well taken care of and cared for in this center. The children are just adorable…delicious and very well-behaved for the most part I LOVED MY DAY, BUT I WAS EXHAUSTED!!!

P.S.  I also met the treasurer of FUNDAC today. Again, Maggie was greeted so warmly by her, and again this woman was very friendly and welcoming.

Entry submitted by: Bluma


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