First day in Costa Rica

Breakfast of pancakes and fruit was served at 7:00 am in the lower restaurant of theBackpackers. Everyone complained about the noisy traffic and swapped more stories.We had our first team meeting in the TV room on the 3rd floor. Simone, Don, and Ibeing old hands with GV gave Nia a little help (which she didn´t need) as she gave usour Global Volunteer orientation. Dick and Jean are old hand at volunteering, so they could see where things were going. Everyone introduced themselves and talked a littleabout life up to now. Lunch was served at 12:00 noon with rice and beans being the fare.After checking out, and the van loaded we set out up the mountain. When we got to ourfirst rest stop (Chinese fire drill) one tire on the van was low so Felo changed it. Thenit was off to see the wizard again.I can remember the scenery being fantastic, but the scene of the Bay of NicoyawasPRICELESS!!!Mar – Inn is a new place for Simone and I in Santa Elena, as this is our second programhere. Very nice people and very nice place. They were having a baby shower here whenwe arrived it was very festive. Supper of suey and pasta was served at 6:00 pm followedby a team meeting. Nia put on an excellentdisplay of her understanding of the Costa Rican spanish. It was very informing. Everyoneis going to have a good nights sleep.

– Allen

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