First Day of School – We Were All Very Excited!

Message of the day:

“The trip of a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Chinese Proverb

Monday 1 (1)Today BaoLi gave us a Chinese language lesson. There is a major Chinese language (Han), but it is broken into many different dialects. There are also many different ethnic languages. Therefore, it became necessary to create a single uniting language called Mandarin by westerners and Putonghua “the common language” by the Chinese. She walked us through the concept of pictographs, ideographs, associate compounds, and showed us how this has affected Chinese characters and how they have been somewhat simplified over time. We then started to learn simple Mandarin conversational phrases: please, thank you, hello, etc.

Monday 1 (2)After lunch it was off to our first day of school!  We each had four classes: three of third graders and one of eighth graders. Our experiences were similar. The third graders were excited and involved; getting the eighth graders to participate was like pulling teeth. Behavior of all the students was exemplary. We are going to have to think about some techniques for getting them involved in the future.

The day concluded with a dinner hosted by all the English teachers which was quite elaborate. We were very impressed with the teaching staff and all they have accomplished.

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