teaching English in HanoiArmistice Day in the US, and we Global Volunteers are in Hanoi, Vietnam, working on a project to advance English language skills at two sites.  Our group has two parts: 1) to assist students and teachers in the Nuygen Bien Kiem (NBK) school and 2) to assist blind and visually impaired persons with conversational English as they prepare to become massage therapists.  Working with the blind at Blind-Link is a new program and much brainstorming went on at the end of the day to discuss methods to further develop and improve the program.  Although the classes were small and we had the help of an interpreter we found it a challenge to teach students with minimal or non-existent language skills while not using visual aids.

Classes at NBK were fairly large with high-energy students.  Three members of our team went there while five members worked with Blind-Link.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a wonderful, typical Vietnamese dinner at a small restaurant near our hotel in the Old Quarter.  Comfort and joy.

Thought for the Day:
“Find life experiences and swallow them whole.  Travel.  Meet many people.  Try everything.  Exhaust yourself in the glorious pursuit of life.” – Lawrence K. Fish
– Corrine

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