Friday April 18th

Nia Salas

Because our group is scarce in members yet not in quality, the overall consensus was that the team leader should write one journal. Since I am clearly outnumbered, I have agreed, to avoid “mutiny on the mountain”.

Today, at CASESMCOOP, Sally teamed up with Rosie for a day of reprising crafts into colones and other inventory duties for future input into the coop’s new management computer program. Of course, she continued her very conscientious tico/English glossary along side Catalina’s playfulness.

At the other side of Sta. Elena, the Colegio Team arrived in the morning briefing. Two new members joined Jose and Christopher. Yesterday, Anita managed to persuade Harold to paint a second coat in Maricela’s ecotourism room. I was rather impressed, since Harold has an immense belief in the limitless expansion capabilities of water paint. I suppose he thought it wise for the school as well as marital longevity.

Roger and Anita were geared up with rollers and brushes. The Silvia and Marlen sister team was left “on the middle line” detail duty with Christopher.

Dave was teamed up with the guys; Greivin, Jose and Isaac. Somehow, Dave managed to make some progress despite Isaac insisting to use our only ladder to paint the teacher’ s lounge light blue.

During lunch break the Colegio Team headed to town for the ATM. Since that didn’t work. I translated the withdrawal process for Dave at the cashier. Too many receipts to sign. We caught a glimpse of Don/a Nery’s daughter working at the bank.

Roger patiently waited outside to inform us Anita had headed to Chunches bookstore. A brief expedition inside the store, through paintings and books was lead. There Anita was inspired by the inscription on the back of a book left by the previous reader, I think more the the book itself.

We headed back to the Colegio, back wall painting…top last. A recess and a “waiting for wet paint to dry “ period was combined to continue our ongoing good will fooseball tournament. Lots of player substitutions, and a final score of England 3 CR 2, or lack of coins, ended the session. We headed back to finish the wall. After work, we picked up Sally the afternoon walk, through most of Cerro Plano’s art gallery district, of course, after a coffee stop at Paseo de Stella. Realizing the time we quickly headed for dinner where we toasted Sally and Dave’s 44th wedding anniversary…y muchos mas!

Most went to bed shortly after , a long work week was finished and a greatly anticipated Arenal combo visit waits in the morning. Bon Voyage!

P.S. I hope these are interesting characters and the author was not to full of herself.

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