Friday Feb 15, 2008

Journal: Dennis

We all enjoyed another wonderful breakfast at the hotel. Then with a planned assignment change with Emily and Mary Ann we were off to the work site Cebadilla and CASEM. It was a pleasant surprise (when Christina and Dennis were being driven all the way to the work site. A bigger surprise came when Jean, Mary Ann and Nia joined in the fun of mixing cement, rocks and sand with shovels on the ground. The concrete was then carried in buckets to be placed in the forms with welcomed help from their local volunteers, who were in fact in charge. A ride to Marlene’s house was very much appreciated where we had a very tasty and nourishing lunch. Afterwards, we walked back to the work site where three more young ladies had been added to the work force. More concrete work, I was concerned about not finishing, but was assured everything was ok. Avery tired crew returned to the hotel.

Michelle did pricing. Sue was busy placing items in their proper place. The sidewalk work was continued by others. After a fulfilling lunch Emily and Michelle walked over to the gallery.

That evening we had a meal prepared by the hotel, which we took with us up to Nia’s house where we enjoyed a great view of the Gulf of Nicoya and of the many islands and of we took a couple of sunset photos. After dinner and a house tour we returned to the hotel.

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