Friday, Febuary 22, 2008

Trip highlights by Sue:

Even though we’ ve shared many of the same goals, challenges and joy of achievement, each of us has experienced a personal moment that is especially memorable-

Christina: is pleased about her ability to do the demanding physical labour, requiring strength and endurance.

Dennis: was thrilled when Elvin work site coordinator greeted him with “Muy Bien!!” –a job well done.

Jean: also felt that sense of achievement but especially enjoyed our time-out at the “Tree house” sharing our personal stories among us and our Costa Rican acquaintances

Mary Ann: is pleased about a “first for her- mixing buckets of concrete with a shovel!

Michelle: hoped to see monkeys so, when she fed bananas to them, this close interaction exceeded her expectations by far!!

Nia, our team leader, will never forget how we cheerfully walked up the steepest hill when our van was too overloaded to make it. She had a premonition then that we would be a very good team. We all hoped so!

Sue’s highlight is hearing Dona Nery’s “story” of growing in esteem, confidence and independence through membership in CASEM.

Mostly we all learned from each other Pura Vida!

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