Vietnam Volunteer Vacation – Friday, October 8th

By Roberta
NBK teachers waddled off to Thursday classes savoring the aftermath of the sumptuous Wednesday night banquet given in our honor by Mr. Hoa, Mrs. Hoa, and the English Dept of NBK.

Morning classes had some missing students who were learning songs and dances marking the 1,000 year anniversary of Ha Noi. A production will be held Friday at the school. The stage is set up and acts are rehearsing. The students are hyped up today, anticipation about weekend activities are apparent.

Friday ends our team’s teaching at NBK. It appears we have come a long way. At the primary level, we have learned to be over prepared with multiple activities for each hectic class. Middle school teachers find joy in the openness and curiosity of the students as they practice English. High School classes have a depth of discussion and breadth of information that is ripe for extension activities.

By Terry
At this point in our teaching lives, students recognize us on our way to class, smile, say “hi!” even engage in conversation. This is a distinct pleasure for all. Many classes entail presentations (or introductions to same) and our task is to offer friendly but specific feedback. Teaching the phrase “ladies and gentleman” seems a constant.

Dinner with FTU officials, at a distant restaurant was relaxed, informative, and quite delectable. Francoise – who certainly knows – remarked that the spring rolls are the best she’d ever tasted. Conversation with V.P. Nguyen Dinh Tho and Vu Hoang Nam, Manager of International Affairs, along with their assistant, was quite mutual. It centered on 3 topics: the history and development of the university, the life and times of the Vietnam nation, and small talk. Live Vietnam itself, the conversation was friendly, courteous and charming.

The penultimate day of our common sojourn was typically active. A good time! For the FTU bunch, the stroll home (after being dumped by the taxi at the opera house square due to road closure), entailed a very military parade, reminiscent of May Day on Red Square circa 1959.

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