Full Day of Work

Today we split up in the morning I left early to meet Regina the secondary school matron. I observed as she attended to about ten students with com diarrhea. She efficiently assessed and dispensed medication. We later discussed working together to better sort out how to evaluate and educate re prevention. Edward met with us and facilitated our communication. The matron is very caring and loves her work with the students. After a while check the dorms finding several students skipping class but respectfully returning with matrons urging. She troubled they don’t understand the importance of their studies.

During morning break we attended another dozen or so students, some with more serious problems we referred to village clinic. Just before noon I returned to the mission house to find heather who had observed class that morning and then discovered the rest of the day was free since it was clothes washing day for the elementary student we enjoyed lunch together with Mohamed and then headed back to secondary school to meet Mr. Wingled the biology teacher. I observed two classes and we planned to teach together the following day. We’ll meet before class to coordinate. I was happy to see Heather and Edward in the school square with some teacher speaking Kiswahili. Edward took us around town to visit and I checked the local pharmacy with limited supplies we visited his home and saw his family and saw his neigh hood the student and teachers were engaged in soccer and volley ball game the field and we watched for a while before heading home just in time before the evening shower we had a nice dinner together with a whole team and decided to start sharing journal in the evenings since our schedules don’t coincide in the morning any more. We enjoyed playing uno with Mohamed after dinner for funs again by the fire keeping as warm.

Zaurie had another early morning. She went off to work with the school matron. She said there were many students who weren’t feeling well today. After her time with the matron she taught biology class with Mr wingled. She said her students were engaged in the lesson.

I taught them some American songs and we did some activities before their exercises. When I corrected the first graders papers I drew smile face on all of their papers and they got kick out of it giggled.

 Mohamed come to pick me up in the jeep because it was raining quit hard and the passes were slippery. I met Laurie and Edward when I returned Laurie and I set by the fire Edward mad and stay warm.

After dinner Edward gave us an informative lesson on Tanzanian history. Laurie and I read for a little while before packing for the weekend.

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