Warm and Welcoming People in Ecuador

Children painting in Ecuador 2

Team Journal Entry for Tuesday, February 16

I was very excited to see the children whom I was with yesterday again, and also to meet ten more new ones (two years old) in Tía Diana’s group.

Children painting in Ecuador 2

We had a fun morning singing songs, playing train, playing with plasticilina (modeling clay), having delicious fruit and lunch, playing on the patio with tools, and balls, the playhouse and on the slide, etc.

Observations: I have never seen children this age so well and so much. They like and eat everything! (Of course with the help of the tías.) Tía Diana is great with the children…very energetic, great smile, very patient, and very loving. After lunch, I loved the way the kids go down for their naps. The tías truly do a wonderful job in getting everyone in bed and quiet.

ECU1602A1 - Bluma Schechter with child 2

Observation: This  center is beautifully run – clean, neat, organized, and it adheres to excellent health standards, i.e. brushing teeth after food, washing hands after bathroom, playing outside, before meals, and using Purell or other hand sanitizers, and seeing the kids doing all of this as just a part of their daily routine. Kudos to Maggie, all the tías, the kitchen staff, and cleaning person!

After the children left, I had an English lesson with Tías Diana and Alexandra. It was fun! I teach them English and they teach me Spanish all at the same time.

Preparation as also given today to the tías and myself for tomorrow’s reading glass event for adults in the community and the elderly to be able to be tested and then buy reading glasses very inexpensively (75 cents) if they need them. It was a fun and very full day!

P.S. I met two more FUNDAC ladies today and an ex-manager of a center.  They are all very warm and welcoming women who, again, seem to adore Maggie!!!

Entry submitted by: Bluma

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