Getting To Costa Rica


Our team of six together with our team leader Pam, have come from many places within the United States to Costa Rica. Some of our journeys here were easier than others. But we are all ready to engage in a Global Volunteer Adventure. 



Our trip from Alajuela to Santa Elena is a sensory experience. Our trip along the Pan American Highway lets us absorb the lush green landscape. Entering the Santa Elena Cloud Reserve is an “Ah Ha” moment with cameras snapping as we watch the wispy strands of clouds begin to engulf the valley below. 



Before dinner at the Mar-Inn, we discuss our individual reasons for coming here to the Santa Elena community. Our reasons are varied, but together we decided that we want to make a positive impact, we want to help, and we want some personal enjoyment. 



After dinner prepared by Zelmira and served by Geovanny, we had two special guests–Walter and Wendy from the Reserve and the local high school. We are set to begin our projects. 

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