June 27 – Getting to Know You- Montana

Today was the first day of work, and everyone was excited to begin. After breakfast, we went to the community college for a meeting with community leaders who will be directing our work. After getting our assignments, we toured the college, and I was very impressed by the amount of resources the school had! My favorite part was the ceremonial room. It was so unique to the school and I loved how it drew the local culture into their college education.

After the tour, we set out on our variety of jobs for the day. Some people went to the rodeo grounds to fix a fence, pick up rocks, and weed and mow the grounds. Others went to the Boys and Girls Club to help with activities, and did arts and crafts with young children.

A couple groups gardened at different places, from moving piles of dirt to setting up beds to be planted. The last group spent their day scraping old paint from the administrative building of the Blackfeet Care Center.

The work was very rewarding for us, but the most rewarding parts of the day were all of the conversations we had with local people. We learned about the hardships, the joys and the daily lives of the people here. I look forward to more days of hard work and plenty of wonderful conversations.

-Molly Snell and Leah McCabe

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