Global Volunteers Team 211: profile Brianna

This is Brianna. She is 9 years old. She enjoys horses and bugs. She is going on to fifth grade at Stoneranch Elementary School after the summer. She has helped wash the dishware items at the local Sta. Elena Community center and helped inventory the chairs for events. She also painted the storage room a nice yellow color. She enjoyed painting the best this week. She really liked the snake farm , frog pond and butterfly garden. She plans to go camping after the service program with family.

Journal by Brianna: “It was are second day at work. When we got there we finshed cleaning the last dishes. It was super fun. Then we had a good lunch and went back to work. After lunch we stared to paint. It was sooooooooo much fun. We painted almost the whole supplies room. Once all are work was done we got ice cream. I had a lot of fun today. Before dinner we went to the snake farm. I learned a lot and it was super fun!”

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