GlobalVolunteers Team 210 spends July 4th roofing

Journal by Michelle:

Day 10, Monday, July 4th, 2011
Last night was wild, I heard horses going down the street at 5am, Cats & dogs fighting. Woke at 6am and got ready for the day. We had a great breakfast of fruit, pancakes with honey, coffee & hot chocolate. We went over goals & team building, and what we´d be doing today. Jeana had the ¨Thought of the day¨and Omar had the journal. Our Shuttle arrives at 8am to take us to the site, we are to be going to both the Community Center/Church and the school. The school is on break this week, but its expected the kids we´ll be there. Well, we just got arrived at Mar Inn at 4:30pm. We did not make it the school, instead we worked all day at the Center/Church. Matt, Omar & I helped Nicasio fix a lead in the water line on the side of the road. It was buried about 2 ft. down. I was sorry Heather has left us-Miss you & Brittney! We found the leak pretty quickly, dodging a couple of semi trucks on the one lane road, which we had filled with dirt, that they ran over. The rest of the gang, Gloria, Jess, Jeana, Minor, Ugo, Gerardo were sanding & painting the framework for the new metal roof. It poured rain & we all got wet.

Our first time really since we´ve been here, thunder, lightening the whole works, (our Fireworks). We waited it out & then it was time for lunch at Idali´s-as always a wonderful rice, beans, salad, friut, & chicken in cream sauce-yummy! While we ate it poured again. We waited it out. We head back to the center & Minor, Hugo Gerardo & Nicoisio are all hand mixing concrete on the driveway. We load into wheel barrows and pour the bathroom floor as the sun comes out. Matt & Omar, Jessica, Gloria & me wiped down the framework and started painting again. Marlena & Blanco cleaned the storage room up, it looks great. Jeana & Jessica ran around with 2 year old Lindsey, Marlena´s daughter, too cute. It was a productive day-even with the rain. We hopped on the shuttle@4pm & headed back to Mar Inn. Everyone fights over who gets in the shower first! Dinner was at 6pm, Zelmira made hamburgers on the grill for the 4th of July, I made Gloria´s potato salad & we roasted marshmellos in the rain. It was a great end to gorgeous Costa Rica and a busy day.

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