Going to the Schools

We started this morning with breakfast and then some exercises and activities about our goals of the trips and the what want we want to accomplish as a group. We then headed to secondary school to meet the secondary headmaster, who shared with us much information about the school and the students. We joined the teacher for their meeting and we had the opportunity to introduce our services and the teachers introduced themselves as well.

               The second headmaster gave us a tour of the school campus. We went into one of the class which had at list 50 students and that was the school’s smallest classes. We went to the kitchen where two chefs where preparing food for the students: one was miscuing the cornmeal and water over a fire and there was cutting lots of cabbage.

                 After the secondary school, we went to the primary school where we where welcomed by the headmaster. We spent some time speaking with them and then we walked back to lunch.

                   Went back to the secondary school after lunch and met with school matron who she will be working with every morning for an hour before teaching biology.

Mohammed walked with me to the primary school where the headmaster gave me a time table for my English lessons.

             We met us with and Edward at the mission house .later in the afternoon, mohammed gave us Hehe and Kiswahili lesson.
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