June 23 – Good Work on Good Gardens- Montana

We woke up and had our typical morning meeting where we finalized our job assignments. Some people worked with the Boys and Girls Club at Heart Butte, while others painted. I chose to garden with the Fish family again because I feel a connection with them. When we arrived, it was already pretty hot, and after an hour of raking and rototilling, Brian and I decided to jump into the freezing cold water. We ate lunch and headed back to De La Salle School — our “headquarters.”

To prepare for the Sun Dance on Thursday night, we walked over to the thrift store to find skirts. We had a good time, and there were some pretty interesting outfits — the boys bought some great “fashion pieces.” While we were there, we helped put away some mattresses and then went to help set up the Sun Dance.

Even though we didn’t do too much, it was interesting to see how everything works. Around 5PM, we headed over to Brother Ray’s house for some swimming in Two Medicine River and a BBQ. The water was extremely COLD and moving pretty quickly. Even though the swimming didn’t work out like we had planned, the excellent food made up for it!

Dinner was fun (even though I complained about being itchy every minute). Once back “home,” Brian, Marshall and I tried out our thrift-store outfits. We did a little school work and watched Monsters, Inc. All in all, it was a really good day, and I really do feel at ease in this environment.


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