July 8 – Grateful to be Here in Montana

by Stephanie

As our week winds down my thought turns to this sentence – how do we keep alive the thoughts and experiences of this week as we scatter back and resume our “normal” lives. We have been exposed to the best of the Blackfeet Community – strong, proud, committed individuals who have transfixed us with their life stories. How can I hold on to the serenity of Pauline as she described her own difficult personal journey, or the pride of accomplishment of ownership expressed by Lyle at the Blackfeet dorm, and Smokey and Bob Tailfeathers at BCC, or the sheer force of personality shown by Betty as she carries the mike and was a nonstop cheerleader for Blackfeet Youth Days. Yesterday, we were universally touched by the people we served food at Eagle Shields. Again with kindness and gentleness of spirit. And to our group of eight who have provided strength and companionship. I will always be touched by this week we have spent together and grateful that I got to experience this with Alex.

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