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Gratifying, fulfilling, and energizing

As our final half day at Colegio began, the excavating team – Alison, Laura, and Mark -went off to dig and the English teachers to their classes. Thor and Mary joined Jorlainy’s  class and Madeleine and Mara began their day with Sergio and his students. Thor was effective, quick to compliment and affirm the students. After the breakfast break Maya and Madeleine came to work with Jorlainy’s class, which divided into two groups, one outdoors and one in the classroom.


The pit we dug!

Then it was time to leave for our farewell party with Karen, Sergio, Johana, and Jorlainy and several classes of students. All of us feasted on delicious fruit and other treats. Karen directed the event, with special help from one of the mothers who has been an active Colegio supporter.

We volunteers heard words of gratitude for our work from Paul Alfaro Marín, the school principal, along with thanks and hugs from Karen.


Sergio and Karen giving their words of thanks


After lunch we promptly got into the van for our return trip to Alajuela. It was time to reflect on the week and what it meant to us. Our words told the story:

“Invigorating.”  – Mark

“Meaningful and marvelously physical.” – Alison

“Dirty, educational, helpful.”  – Mara

“Gratifying, fulfilling.”  – Laura

“Incredible.” – Madeleine

“Energizing.” – Thor

“Rewarding, with some touching moments.” – Mary

The excavators said it was “great knowing we’d made so much progress,” and concluded:

“We got stuff done.”


Team #225 to Costa Rica with Karen
(Mark, Laura, Mara, Madeline, Karen, Alison, Thor, and Mary)

Entry submitted by: Mary

Message of the Day – Mary: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”- Margaret Mead

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