Save Lives: $35 Provides a Hand-Washing Station for a Family

“Before we had a hand-washing station, the trips to the dispensaries were endless… we were given a lot of medicines to cure the diseases that our children were suffering. But when we were given a workshop on hand washing & given a hand-washing station, we have not experienced any type of sickness since then and discovered that hand washing is important to everyone’s health.”

Global Volunteers provides every village family enrolled in the Reaching Children’s Potential Program (RCP) with a household hand-washing station. Local schools and faith-based organizations are supplied several stations each. The hand-washing stations are a simple and safe way for children & parents to wash their hands with soap where there is no running water. Help us reach our goal to provide 100 more hand-washing stations in Tanzania. For just $35, you can give a family a new hand-washing station and all the needed materials and maintenance for one year.

Hand washing with soap is one of the most cost-effective means of preventing infectious diseases that kill children each year, yet 40% of people worldwide do not have access to basic hand-washing facilities. The COVID-19 pandemic provides a stark reminder that one of the best ways to stop the spread of a virus is also one of the simplest: hand hygiene. As the threat of COVID-19 continues, we are scaling our efforts to improve hand washing and hygiene in every village we serve in Tanzania, but we need your help.

About the RCP Program

The Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) program is a child-focused, parent driven, family centered, and community led comprehensive effort beginning with pregnancy and continuing through the 18th birthday, focusing on the first 1,000 days of life. RCP engages short-term volunteers who help parents deliver essential services to eradicate Hunger, improve Health, and enhance Cognition with the goal of eliminating child stunting in the Ukwega Ward, throughout Tanzania, across Africa, and around the world. Through RCP, families obtain the food, nutrition, health care, knowledge, technology, and encouragement needed to combat stunting, and to ensure their children can realize their full potential.

Global Volunteers is dedicated to using your donation to help improve children’s nutrition and health so they can reach their full potential. A portion of all funds raised is used to manage the RCP program.  Thank you!

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  • Demonstration of handwashing stations in Ipalamwa, Tanzania.
  • International community development

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