Happy Endings

The day started normally with breakfast, followed by reading of the previous days journal entry by Dick and thought for the day from Simone. The team tried to practice our “going away” song, “Getting to know you” on the morning trip to San Rafael, punctuated by grunts every time we hit another bump. Our counterpart San Rafael leader, Alex, and his local team were ready to start another productive day when we arrived at the community center. He assembled the entire integrated team on a circle of chairs and laid out the work plans for the day. The local team was larger than normal. He congratulated the team on all the good work accomplished so far and singled out the welding team for the good job in installing the new window grate. Alex again demonstrated his leadership skills and qualities in organizing the tasks to be completed and in integrating the Global-San Rafael team.

The Global males, with local assistance, finished pulling the nails from all the recovered lumber and the roundelle fence and remaining post and filled the post holes with dirt. They also cleared the trench which will drain water from the area where the new metal bleachers will be installed. They then tore off the (ugly) galvanized sheeting form the front fence on each side of the main entrance to the roundelle. This generated more firewood. The GV ladies helped a large local contingent in finishing the paint job on the front of the center, including both inside and outside of the doors.

After another delicious lunch prepared by Giselle, all hands convened at the school for the last English classes conducted by Team 217. As usual, all hands first gathered to sing “Clementine”. All classes seemed to go well, with enthusiastic (and a little emotional) thanks from the students. The GV teachers felt that this aspect of the daily assignments resulted in a job well done.

After the evening meal at a local, Santa Elena, restaurant, the team donations were provided to Nía to be presented to the host country representatives in the morning. Copies of training material, including lesson masters, were given to her to begin a library to support future Global Volunteer Costa Rican conversational English classes.

– Don

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