Hard Day’s Work

Another typical day at the mission house.

Edward arrived to join us for breakfast and review our daily assignments. We then proceeded to head to work. Greg & Stephen to move the school’s kitchen & dig trenches. Stefan, Sue, Sonja & Kassidy to organize the clinic’s record. Melissa & I to teach 8-12 year olds.

After lunch, we continued with our respective jobs and/or gardening.

After work, we all explored the village. Sonja & Kassidy visited the girl’s dorms. Melissa & I wandered through the village escorted by one of our students (Joshua), who also acted as our body guard telling other kids to bug off. Greg & Stephen continued to support the local economy at their favorite watering hole. Sonja chatted in Italian with the “Italian girl”. Kassidy purchased a pocketbook. Some folks ate freshly picked carrots. A frisbee was rescued from a rooftop. Mohamed (Mr. Fix it) worked on electrical problems & prepared to battle a bee hive. Moses appeared in a rain poncho & twirled around for us. We had very fine meals, a special visit by Haran and ended the day with our usual laughter. Just another typical day at the mission.

Tomorrow: Edward continues to find the dirtiest jobs for Stephen & Greg (dredging the water source).

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