Hard to Say Goodbye

Team Journal Entry for Friday, July 24 

So today was one of the saddest days of the summer. We all enjoyed a refreshing breakfast and got one last look at the environment of the early morning ride to the daycare. I, who already said my goodbyes to Fernanda the previous day, watched everyone else say their tearful goodbyes in broken Spanglish. We all enjoyed a beautiful goodbye performance from the children and tías as well as beautiful handmade gifts with thoughtful goodbye letters. Unfortunately, our not-so-much-rehearsed rendition of YMCA did not go according to plan because of technical difficulties so, after nap time, we had a mini dance party. It was nice to let our hair down and just goof off. Even Sharon and my grandma got down! The tías and the cooks were all pleased with our parting gifts! At four o’clock I watched all of my babies go home one by one saying “Chao” to them for the last time. That, and the last kiss on the cheek to the tías, was the hardest part of the trip. At dinner, the whole group bounded one last time reflecting on what we learned and how we actually accomplished our goals. It was hardest saying goodbye to the team. And that was it. We all parted ways, off to separate sections of the world.

Entry submitted by: Alexis





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