Heart Butte Youth Day in Montana

by Anne

As Chuck would say, “Today was a good day.”

It started with a good night’s sleep — one of my favorite things to do. Breakfast and morning meeting was lively as usual. We all started out together this morning…headed to the 2011 Heart Butte Youth Day. While not all were able to stay, those who did interacted with children of all ages. It was clear from the beginning that children here are no different from children in Chicago, Virginia, or anyplace else. they love food, gifts, playing games and most of all, they love attention. (Not so different from most adults.)

I gained three new friends: Tia, Talia and Talissa from Heart Butte. I also learned more about my teammates: Melissa has flown around the world. Lucas has had long hair since the 4th grade. Henry did NOT play the violin in high school. Melanie has had a “unique” educational background.

Dinner was the product of contributions by several team members and it was delicious! Brothers Ray and Paul offered us the hospitality of their home in the country for the evening. We walked to a nearby cemetary where we saw headstones ranging from plain wooden to elaborate headstones with pictures. We saw the graves of six small children lost in the Flood of 1964. Brother Ray said a recent youth group brought teddy bears for each of these graves.

After dinner, clean-up and fellowship, we headed back to our “home” at the Academy. The only downside of the day was learning that Melissa’s daughter broke her arm this morning!

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