Help others to help yourself


Alex and Jack with Tía Anita


Playing UNO!
So much fun!

We began our day with the usual breakfast and meeting. When we arrived at Center #2, we were greeted with lots of ‘holas’ by the three-year-olds. Amy, Alex, Jack, and I helped with the babies. Hannah and Mark went with the three-year-olds and my mom went with the two-year-olds. As usual, Katy in Tía Lorena’s room screamed all morning, but Amy, Tía Lorena, and I managed to calm her down in the afternoon. At the end of our day in Calderón, Mark, Hannah, and Rita taught the tías English by using the game UNO! That was a big hit with the tías. When we got to the hotel we got “crafty” with some thank yous for the tías. We really enjoyed the sparkly paper and special scissors! We went to a restaurant overlooking Old Town and had a delicious ‘farewell’ dinner. I can’t believe tomorrow’s Friday! The week flew by! But they say ‘time flies when you’re having fun!’

Entry submitted by: Alex

Message of the Day – Alex: “Help others to help yourself.”


Alex helping feed the toddlers


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