Testimonials about Serving and Learning in Monteverde

After spending a week serving and learning in Monteverde, this group of 30 high school students, one alumnus, one valiant teacher, and two parents from Fountain Hills, Arizona shared these parting thoughts:

“We end the trip with newly developed friendships and newly sculpted leg muscles. Although saying goodbye to these friendly ticos was difficult, we will continue to communicate as a team and with the people we met. With a new-found respect for U.S. privileges, we go back to the States with a new perspective on life. From the start of our service at Colegio, we encountered numerous obstacles that brought us all out of our comfort zones. From carrying rocks from one end of the trail up to the other to communicating with local people, our team accomplished our goals with positivity. We were able to accomplish our team’s assignment of completing trail maintenance with Global Volunteers, learning the culture of Costa Rica, and better understanding our goal of sustainability.”
– Josh, Siena, and Reilly

“These trails serve to teach the students at Colegio about the native flora and fauna of the region. Students studying ecotourism and rural tourism have to learn to identify species and name them in Spanish, English, and by their scientific name. After a week of hard work of volunteers from Arizona alongside students from Colegio, the trails look amazing! New rock, metal edges, brush cleared. The students and teachers at Colegio are so happy with how the trails look now!”
– Maggie Bjorklund, Global Volunteers Costa Rica Country Manager and Team Leader

“Many of us feel that we have a new understanding of what sustainability is. It was not about becoming utterly independent in a self-contained system, but that working together as an individual, contributor, but also in a community and global way. ‘There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew.'”
– Fountain Hills student group

“¡Vinimos, Vimos, Servimos!”  (“We came, we saw, we served!”)
– Tim and Leah

“We thank Global Volunteers, Maggie, and Diane who led our serving and learning in Monteverde. We want to thank the community of Monteverde and Colegio students and profes (teachers). We want to thank Darwin at the Hotel 1915 and Anthony, Tatiana, and family at The Mar Inn Bed & Breakfast for being gracious hosts to our loud and crazy group. We want to thank our FHUSD leadership for supporting trips such as this. We want to thank every member of our family and friends who made a tax credit or personal donation to make our service adventure possible.”
– Fountain Hills student group

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