Christmas in Peru

Holiday volunteering in Peru has become a Global Volunteers custom in recent years.  Peru Country Managers Daniel Salazar and Maru Moreno describe their work with Global Volunteers teams and local people on holiday teams in Peru.

As we get closer to Christmas Eve, the Christmas celebration becomes the most common topic of conversation. For the past two years, whenever people asked me or Maru what we would do for Christmas Eve, our answer was simple: work. People were surprised by our answer and immediately pitied us. But when we explained that our work consisted in making sure hundreds of children from a shanty town and a children’s home spent a wonderful Christmas Day and Eve, it all made sense.

Christmas was not about us. It was actually a gift for us to have the chance to make these children smile on Christmas.

holiday volunteering in Peru

Holiday volunteering in Peru on Christmas Day with volunteers at a shanty town in Lima.

We’re grateful to volunteers who have joined us in past years to share their “Christmas spirit” and be a family for the children we serve.  They were awesome Christmases. The children and the volunteers loved having meals together, playing, and just talking. For the children it wasn’t even about gifts, but knowing that these people came to spend Christmas with them. When you know people choose you over many great things, you feel special, and so the children felt really special. We thank these volunteers for the gift of their presence there. We thank Global Volunteers for the chance to be there. We couldn’t let this season pass without a holiday greeting from Peru Country Managers. We wish a happy and merry Christmas to all the volunteers who have served in Peru and elsewhere, and to those who will come soon!

While we didn’t have enough volunteers this year to form a team, Maru and I look forward to “holiday volunteering in Peru” on Christmas again in 2017 with you and your family. Give yourself and the children of Lima the wonderful gift of being there for them next year!  See Maru and Daniel’s holiday message here.

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Feliz Navidad from Maru and Daniel!

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