Home Visit and Dumpling-making

Team Journal Entry for April 20, 2015

Message of the day: The secret of living is giving. Antony Robbins

Jody1Baoli met us after breakfast to accompany us to the school. Unfortunately Kelly is still plagued/a headache and unable to go with us. She thinks she has narrowed down the cause to MSG so we will request no MSG from here on.

When we arrived at the school we went to meet the President who cordially invited us into his office. We chatted for a bit and when Curtis asked why the enrollment has dropped from 6000 students to 2000 in the past 15 years he jokingly replied “because he is not a good president”. We got a kick out of his sense of humor. He alluded to the 1 child/family policy. Before leaving he presented Hunter a series of 9 books on Confucius’ Principles written in Chinese. The school’s photographer captured the moment as did the rest of us.

From there we went to the nursing classroom; all the students were in their pink uniforms and caps. There is 1 male student. The instructor asked a student toCurtis demonstrate CPR on a mannequin. She did an exemplary job. After that I was asked to perform CPR on the mannequin. Then the same student started an IV on the instructor. She got in the vein the first try; her technique was perfect. We chatted a bit with the students before leaving the classroom. There is 1 student in particular, Alice (her English name) who eagerly attempts to engage you in conversation. The other students ask her in Chinese to ask us questions since she is the most comfortable with attempting to speak English.

From there Julia (the president’s wife), the 3 English instructors, the nursing instructor & 2 students, Baoli, Curtis, Hunter and I walked to Lily’s friends’ high rise apartment. On the way we stopped at a fruit stand because Julia wanted to find Hunters’ favorite fruit, an avocado. Alas, they have no avocados here. We then were greeted at the apartment byLily and her 26mo old daughter,Lily’s friend (and babysitter), along with her daughter, mother, husband and a neighbor. Julia came by with a papaya for Hunter (the closest thing he could find to an vocado).We proceeded with making dumplings. One was egg and chive filling; the other was pork, onions, andleledumplingcarrot filling.There wereprobably 7-8 of us making them and ended up with probably over 100 dumplings. While they were cooking the toddler decided Hunter was her new BFF. She sat on his lap, hugged him, giggled at every expression he made, and hung onto his leg whenever he stood up. When he went to the boy’s room someone told her he left and she started to cry. When the dumplings had cooked the feast began. The 15 of us sat around a coffee table and consumed 4 different dishes plus the dumplings plus 2 kinds of steamed bread. It was all family style so we all used our chopsticks to eat from all thedishes. What a meal!! After that many, many photos were taken. I think Hunter has posed for 100’s of photos at this point. James (aka Tiger) then took us back to the hotel.


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