“I have a little secret, and my secret is Global Volunteers.”

Pam Cromer

by Pam Cromer

My favorite poet is Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Her poem “How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways….” says it all. Those are the simple words that tell you how I feel about Querétaro. I describe the town as a “magnet” that keeps drawing me to the people and the volunteering that we do. I have been lucky to travel many places in the world, but I am constantly drawn back to Querétaro.

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Flowers in Querétaro

SO… How DO I love Querétaro… or better yet… WHY? We stay in the historic area of the town. So the sights and sounds and smells… yes, the wonderful smells of Mexico… the food… the flowers are all in walking distance.

We stay in a charming hotel, actually the oldest hotel in Querétaro. Sitting in the atrium is like being in your own hacienda… listening to the music and watching as families come to enjoy themselves in this beautiful setting. Entertainment is a block away. The garden is filled with children playing, lovers holding hands, and men selling balloons or polishing shoes. Several nights a week there is a live band and men and women dressed to the T doing ball room dancing.

Pam with some students and teachers from UTEQ

We volunteer at UTEQ,  a university that trains young men and women from all walks of life to have a career in technical work or middle management. Let me tell you a story. I arrived at the Querétaro airport and gathered my suitcases. It is typical to go through the line and “push a button” that lets you continue leaving the airport. I always get green,  but this time I got red,  which means my luggage is inspected. A young man was going through my suitcase, which was filled with clothes plus materials about UTEQ and Global Volunteers. The young man stopped when he saw them and said, “Are you a Global Volunteer? Do you go to UTEQ?” I said, “Yes.” And he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, “YOU are why I have this job… Thank you so much.” He quickly zipped up my suitcase,  and I was on my way. THAT IS WHY I GO TO QUERÉTARO!

The university is welcoming. The teachers line up to be first to get the volunteers to come to their classes. Carolina, head of the English language department, tells a sweet story. She says when she goes to meetings with other universities,  they always wonder why her students do so well in the job market. She always tells them, “I have a little secret, and my secret is Global Volunteers.”

So please join me. It is a win win-win opportunity. At the end of our two weeks, there is always a duel… The teachers say they won by having us… the students say they won by having us in their classes… And we say we won by being there.

Click here to learn more about becoming a Global Volunteer in Mexico.

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