If You Want Fruit, Find a Tree

Tan 1407A1 Global Volunteers  at the Iringa Lutherani Center Thinking back to last night and the comments that were made.  It was really our first time to express our feelings about our start at Pommern. We were all so excited to be at our new jobs. Those at the Catholic Center expressed their feelings about working with people with disabilities. Angie, whose has a son with a disability, was particularly eloquent. Jacob, age 15, was awed at the sunrise as he sat by himself on the porch. This would be a regular spot early in the day for many. We are graced by the presence of Nicole, Jakob, and Lina, who are all teens, as well as Maya and Grace, elementary and middle school students. I can already see that they will add much to our experience.

Edward mentioned a laundry service will be available for us – a convenience for us and a source of income for women in the community. The announcements mentioned a craft fair coming up during the week. This would be a good time to meet some members of the community. We spent a bit of time writing on 3×5 card two personal goals and or Housekeeping “agrees” and “disagrees”.

A shout out to Mama Tony, who has started us off with wonderful food and given us the opportunity to taste the real food of the area.  Mohammed, not only our driver but a great source of information, is invaluable. He is a very kind man who is always is ready to answer our endless questions. I am looking forward to seeing him a lot. This morning he gave us a language lesson, which was helpful as we begin to speak those first few hesitant words to our new friends.

We went on a walk around the community trying to absorb everything we saw. The sky was so blue and the clouds were so fluffy and white as we looked at the small shops of every kind, people knowing who we were and smiling at us in a welcoming way. We are all excited to begin our new assignments whether in the clinic, secondary school, or elementary school.

I have learned two important things: 1) We are becoming one.  2) If you want fruit, find a tree.

Entry submitted by: Kathryn 

Message of the Day – Kathryn: “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way by making things better.” – Robert Kennedy
This fits perfectly with the journey we are going to be embarking on very soon. We have all come here with the intent to contribute in some way, in order to make things better. This is our ultimate goal. 

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