Initiating Our 10th Year in Calderon

Message of the Day – Julie Barner
“No one has ever become poor by giving of themselves.”

They know us now. Forty little voices greeting us in unison as we entered the daycare center. “Buenos Dias” with the boldest among them rushing to be lifted and embraced.

It was another productive day, leaving our team tired but exhilarated at the same time, and appreciative of this opportunity to give our time and talents to these beautiful children and the mothers of Calderón.
Elle earned the biggest gold star of the day for resurrecting an old lawnmower to replace the grass cutting steak knife. With it she worked her magic in the garden.
By mid-morning Ed got his wish: nails – new ones, to replace the recycled rusty ones. By the end of the day he had rebuilt much of the quaint, colorful fence along the garden giving new life to the exterior of the building. A number of the children have taken to calling him Tio and they look forward to seeing him when he leaves the garden to come in and play.
Julie spent her second day with the Bebés, There isn’t a moment of rest in this room – diapers to change, mouths to be filled, faces to be washed and little teeth to be brushed. She loves every minute of it.

The two- and three-year-olds at the Center adore both Pam and Rita, and each child wants to sit next to them at their little tables when meals and snacks are served. The children love getting their special attention and Rita and Pam have plenty to give.

You peel “muchas papas in catorce años”. That’s what Claudia learned Tuesday from Señora Elisa, the Center’s chief in the kitchen. Claudia spent the day washing little bowls and cups, peeling potatoes, washing little bowls and cups, chopped onions, cilantro and cabbage, and did I mention washing little bowls and cups?
Our fearless leader Jennie would step in and interpret for each of us and for the second day led us safely through the back streets of Calderón to have our lunch, and to stop along the way to purchase new soccer balls for our ninos.
Returning to the hotel on Tuesday evening we watched our new American President’s inauguration. For his Inaugural address, President Obama reminded us that all people deserve peace, justice and dignity.. sentiments that reflect the goals and intentions of each of us serving as Global Volunteers in Ecuador.
– Claudia Danovic
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