It was a great day of classes today!

Message of the day:

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Wednesday 2In class today, Errett taught “The Hokey Pokey” to 8th grade which was very well received; students loved “shake it all about”! Jack taught “Jingle Bells” to 8th grade; they enjoyed the song. It was agreed that classes went much better than the first day. Was it the smarter students or had we improved our teaching techniques?  Jack’s 4th grade class sang Happy Birthday to him at the end of their 40 minute session. Very touching!! (How did they know??)

It was cold in the school, all teachers and we wore coats, but once we began our classes the cold was not a problem.

Tuesday 1For dinner we went to fabulous restaurant for local dish “Over the Bridge Rice Noodles” – Boiling chicken broth into which we dumped quail egg, thin slices of meats and bean sprouts to cook, then rice noodles. Very delicious!

 As an aside, there is no janitorial staff in the school – the kids do it all!  It took us a while to catch on that every time we entered or left a class one of the students would be sweeping the floor. They also sweep the hallways and we were told that they mop at the end of the day.

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