Aug 8 – It’s a Good Day! – Montana

by Chuck

The early morning hours of the day were cloud covered, but the sun quickly burned off the clouds and fog of morning, leading to a bright sun-filled day. That was a sign for what this day had in store for all of us. Our day began with a sense of uncertainty around what the week had in store for us, but led to clarity and confidence in our role of service for the week. Going from BCC to the school for our orientation in the first half of the day, we were able to learn and share our thoughts and hopes for the week.

Following lunch, we proceeded to take a grand tour of the reservation. It gave us all a sense of awe and wonder for the beauty of the land and this people. Even a flat tire on a mountain pass could not dampen the spirit of this group of volunteers. Following our cultural learning, our day ended where it had begun, at the school, for an evening meal of Colorado Wedding Beef, rice and roasted vegetables. As the suns sets in the west on this day in August, I can honesty say that it was a GOOD Day!

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