Last teaching day-“Thank you! Thank you!”, our students say.

The Chinese English teachers thank volunteers

The hosts and Chinese English teachers thank volunteers

Coming to China for the second time, I did not know what to expect. But I soon found out that my short six days with Global Volunteers was just as enriching, if not more than my precious six-month stay in China.

??????????Teaching and spending time with Chinese English teachers was meaningful in many different ways. Living a busy life in D.C., working and studying as a graduate student, I had forgotten about how much I truly enjoy teaching. Here in Kunming, I have enjoyed every moment of teaching and sharing what I know about the American culture.

??????????As my time with Global Volunteers is coming to an end, I want to say that I have learned so much from the Chinese teachers. I could have not been more surprised at seeing how open they were in learning something new about teaching so that they could share their experience with their students back at home. Their passion to become better teachers has inspired me to want to become a better volunteer for them.

The last day ceremony has also reminded me that my experience is more than just about teaching but that it is also about relationship building. As we danced and sang songs in our performances, I saw the bond that has been created between groups of teachers and us the volunteers.

??????????At the end they even surprised us with a presentation, comparing our Professor to a pomegranate, which means versatile and warm-hearted. I know that this was their way of expressing their appreciation for us and we were all very touched by their thoughtfulness.

Although I have worked tirelessly, I go home with a greater sense of joy, knowing that I have received so much more than what I have shared with the teachers.


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