Journal by Connor

Journal by Connor:

Early Monday morning, the Mango Tangos [our chosen team name] prepared for their first day of work.

Filling up our water bottles, and covering our exposed skin with suntan

location, we were ready to go. After enjoying a delicious breakfast

(courtesy of Zelmira) we packed into the van which would deliver us to

Cebadilla. When we arrived at the local primary school, we filed out of the

van and headed towards the building. Ten steps en route for our destination,

Chase, our water boy, accidentally released his precious cargo of H2O

hydrating the local vegetation. Meeting the local scholars, we then

proceeded to play a friendly game of soccer. The work

soon started and we all helped to finish a triplet of bathroom stalls

earlier started by a different group. We worked various jobs ranging from

carting stone, to mixing cement. Half way through the day, we hiked to

Elbin´s house for a scrumptious lunch. Hot and worn out, this was a much

needed break. Once our meal was digested, we placed more blocks and nearly

completed the filling in of the septic field. Mom and I decided that

multiple people should fill in the space between the blocks because with

only one person manning the job, the progress was far too slow. So we copied

the contraption earlier designed to speed along that process. After cleaning

up and saying our goodbyes, we climbed back into a van to begin our journey

back to the hotel. Following the confirmation that the horse was in fact

sleeping, we dropped off our gear at base camp. A hard earned break soon

came after consisting of, Colton, Mom, Cadyn and I devouring a luscious

variety of ice cream. Concluding our day with dinner and an evening meeting,

we settled down and thought about what a great day we had just experienced.

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