Journal Entry April 26, 2010

Well Suzy and I survived the hot and humid weather of La Fortuna and “No” we did not see any lava from Arenal. Instead there was a deluge of rain, during our weekend trip to La Fortuna.

Here we are Monday morning with just Suzy and I left of our group. We are missing the rest of our team but they are here in our hearts. We started the morning with yogurt, cinnamon bread,
cheese, fruit and yes coffee too. It was very simple and delicious as always.

We arrived at the school and broke in (just kidding) as the school security guard was missing in action and not there to greet us. We made our way to the classroom and found Rita, Alexis and Maritza already there and working. There was no school that day so it was very quiet. I missed hearing the children.

I finished some of the trim in “amarillo” and the door too. Suzy was also very busy with the trim and cleaning of the windows. We had lunch and then back to work. I finished putting the Formica on all of the school desks. There were 8 of them in total. Maritza helped me. Luis had to show us how to put the glue on correctly. He is quite the character. He has a great sense of humor.
Luis, Miguel and Alexis were building a beautiful table. Unfortunately it was too short in the legs. After plenty of discussion and Nia facilitating, they came to an agreement. They were able to come up with a creative idea using the left over wood. What could have been a fiasco, turned out beautiful and only 2 cm short of what was originally designed.

Have a new project for tomorrow. I will paint all of the desk legs white. It’s going to look beautiful when we’re all done. We will even come up with a solution for the bathroom regarding the ceramic tile.
We headed back to the El Viandante in the rain. I had to put on my fleece for the very first time. We decided to have dinner at 1730. We went to Mar & Tierra where we had a very nice glass of Chilean red wine with dinner. We had a wonderful bowl of Olla de Carne, traditional beef and vegetable stew. It was exactly what we needed to warm the soul. While at the restaurant, we had front row seats and watched the wonderful lightening show and the thunder brought music to our ears. The heavens have opened up and the rain was pouring down. The rainy season I believe has officially started.

We waited until the rain died down a bit before we caught our taxi back. It has been a wonderful day and now rest for tomorrow.

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