A busy day

This new day started out pretty much as usual with breakfast and some amazing reports from the massages the night before. Steve read his journal of Wednesday and Carl had announcements for the group.

We eventually arrived at our work destinations for the morning. At Center #1, Joanne was honored with a farewell time by all of Center #1 with dance and a card.

Lunch was enjoyed with fried chicken. On our walk back to work we stopped by Cecilia’s marzipan shop for some quick last-minute shopping.

Carol reports doing “Five Little Monkeys” with finger puppets. By today, the children were able to do it with her. Also, she acted out the “Billy Goat Gruff” story. The children played outside for half an hour this morning on the terrace and admired the mural done by Bonnie and Jane.

When we returned from lunch, the four tías were dancing (practicing for the program tomorrow). I went to the baby room, but no one was there. I found the babies all in their high chairs watching the dancing.

Cora’s babies joined two older groups in the morning with dancing. In the afternoon they enjoyed watching some dogs with a dog house from the second floor.

Jane says the mural at Center #2 and the baby changing table need to be finished.

Steve reports some touch up work was done on the table stands and the painted gates for the propane tanks were installed. It was a good day!

The changing table is an ongoing project for Steve, Jane, Bill, and Sylvia. Bill’s highlight was working with his beautiful wife!

Carl was busy today with other business. We hurried home to get ready to go out for our farewell dinner at Café Mosaíco. It was a beautiful evening looking out over the city with lights and good food.

Message for the Day: “All the fold in the world has no significance. That which is lasting are the thoughtful actions which we do for our fellow man.” – Adolpho Prieto

Submitted by Kathleen Olson

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