July 17, 2007 – Reflections on the 100th Team in Ecuador by a First-time Volunteer

It is hard for me to put in words what I am presently experiencing here in Ecuador, …and not just because English is my second language!…but I will try. I did not know what to expect at all when I signed up for this journey of service and learning with Global Volunteers, but I dad to do it!!! I had to go for it!!! I had to make this jump in the unknown. And here I am today, trying to share some of my feelings with you all, beautiful people!

I will never forget the kindness of the leaders and members of this unique 100th team. This is just fantastic to be such a large group being here for the same purpose of giving, serving, learning, sharing and loving.

I will never forget my days at Camp Hope with these adorable children who made me cry and laught of joy more than once. These innocent angels touched my heart to the deepest – forever!

I will never forget, while working on top of this building yesterday afternoon at FUNDAC, twisting wires with my friendly partners, the majesty of all these mountains surrounding us Pure beauty. A moment of eternity…No, I will never forget.

May this wonderful and breathless experience help me to become a better person…to myself and to others. A person more humble and always full of gratitude each and every day. I will end here with these last few words: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Love always.

Thank you.

– Sylvie B.

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