July 2nd – Accidents happen

Today was the first day of work on the Reservation. Most everybody got up early to take a shower and go swimming. After breakfast and clean up we went down to Blackfeet Community College to get our daily assignments from members of the community and staff of the college. The jobs that we could choose from where, working in the library, picking up trash, reading to little kids, and building fences. After our morning shift of work we moved on to eating lunch at the headquarters. Then we moved on to the afternoon shift of work. This included Susan and the kids to read at the Boys and Girls Club. Shawn and Phoebe worked in the library and Jeff, Tyler, James and I worked on building a fence for the Community Development Corp. An odd day at work included Ellie finding a kitchen knife somewhere and me ending up with 4 staples in my head- two different happenings, not one causing the other. What an interesting day.

After the work day was over Phoebe, Jeff, James and Kelsey went to a sweat ceremony and everybody else stayed home and had an awesome dinner, an awesome soup made by one and only Tyler. During dinner we had some very interesting conversations about breaking bones and other stuff. Today was a very interesting, exciting and productive day while having fun at the same time. I personally thought we learned about the culture during one experience today and I thought it was very informative and productive. I’m very much looking forward to the end of the fireworks.

by Ben

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