July 4th- Gratitude

by Jeff

A very pleasant and casual start for all of us this morning; a shower and sauna for me. I don’t need an alarm as long as Chad is around with his. Gratitude for life, for the breath we take. Gratitude for my journey. We stayed here in the Head Start building finishing up our work projects and with Ann’s good guidance and straight direction we are ready for Thursday. We also have a good plan for Friday.

Thoughts of life here on the Blackfeet home land slip in and out of my consciousness during the day. I carry all the positive energy given to me at the sweat lodge. Priceless. Cherished. Grateful.

Baylor and Emily arrived today, so good to see them. Such fine energy to join our group and now all of us are off to Brother Ray’s for the BBQ. Good food and good times- plenty of both. Now it is late and the fireworks are going off. The earplugs are the way to sleep tonight. Sweet dreams.

Thought: “When there is a fork in the road, stop and look both ways.” – Phoebe O’Neill

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