July 5th- Building and creating

by Tyler

After a long night of constant explosions in the sky I awoke groggy and tired but still had time to take a shower and sit in the sauna. Everyone then ate breakfast and we had our meeting in the kitchen. We discussed who would help out at certain places and left to go to our designated assignments. Ben, Jeff, Chad, James and I headed out to the CDC; others went to the Care Center, continued on the flower project, or finished painting the signs in the Head Start. At the CDC we worked on finishing the fence and started painting one side with stain at which point I knocked over the can of stain and spilled it everywhere. James left to shop with Maria for the Indian Taco dinner while Chad went to gather food for the final celebration that will be held on our last night together. Lunch went by quick and everyone went back to our projects, back to the CDC I went. While we were working a boy and his puppy adventured by and he started talking to us and helping paint the fence but soon left after boredom kicked in.  In the middle of s working, a fire started across the street in someone’s backyard from people lighting fireworks. The fire department came and quickly put it out but it was still scary to see a fire so close to someone’s house. From there Emily, Ben and I walked to the pawn shop, leaving Susan, Carter and Ellie to wait for Ann at the CDC. The pawn ship was actually open for once and we perused knifes, saddles and other interesting stuff. We made it back to the Head Start and watched some TV and waited until dinner at Eagle Shield. Maria cooked a traditional dinner of Indian Tacos and berry soup, which was very delicious. Over dinner we talked about the days, events and James and I discussed our trip to Vegas.

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